PUBG - team_feed event

  • Feature Description: just like PUBG lite event team_feed for PUBG.
  • impact for my app: [high].
  • What is your current pain point? Using this event, we can give more impact to our users when they are playing with other players who don’t have our app installed.


We already have an open bug on this issue.
We will get around to fixing it within our priorities soon.

@j4Ko Hi,

We release a fix in GEP 151.1.1 that fixed the * team_feed event.

Make sure your GEP is up to date:


@eransharv I’m not sure if you understood me correctly, I’m asking to get the same team_feed event from PUBG Lite lite API to PUBG

@j4Ko Hi. I created a feature request for that. We will update you once it will be implemented.

(That can take some time…)