Question about dual monitor setup

I am have 2 monitors. I place the app on the first monitor. Game on the second. When click on the game the app loses focus and minimizes, not sure why. I tried following tutorial, but I am not sure if it does the job because when I set desktop_only my titlebar disappears, therefore I can’t move the window with the mouse to the my secondary monitor. I would like to have the titlebar to be able to minimize and maximize, move the window, close the app. Not sure how to proceed.

Hi @gabrielmicko,

OW apps have different types of windows. The default one is a Transparent Window is a window without borders, control buttons, default background, and opacity slider. You need to create those elements by yourself in your HTML/CSS.

You can use a Non-Transparent window that comes with all the controls out of the box by setting the right flags on your manifest.

If your app includes a window that will only be visible on desktop, either before, after or on a 2nd screen during game (desktop_only:true), you should define this window also as a “native”. for example:

"windows": {
    "windowName": {
      "file": "name.html",
      "desktop_only": true,
      "transparent": false,
      "show_maximize": true, //only relevant for non-transparent windows
      "show_minimize": true //only relevant for non-transparent windows

I hope that now it’s more straightforward.

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