(Quickly) Dragging a window makes the mouse pointer move too fast

When using overwolf dragMove feature, the mouse cursor gets out of sync with the position you started the drag, especially when trying to drag a window quickly. This happends for in-game windows.

This has been a problem since Overwolf start but is recently a problem for HearthArena as we are moving away from a full transparent window.

Hi @heartharena,

  1. Is this an in-game only problem or do you experience this in the desktop as well?
  2. How does this behavior effect the user?

For 2) it is possible to out-run the window, so that you are no longer dragging it (element with the mousehandler no longer under the cursor) and need to grab it again.

So either the user train themselves to not drag windows “too fast“ or they need to Tehran them in between if this happens.

I Experipments it on desktop before too.
This behaviour exists since a long time.

  1. I think this doesn’t happen with Native windows.
  2. The user has to either have a wierd drag behavior where their mouse position doesn’t match the position of the object they are tragger, or start another drag and wait a second before actually starting to drag. All in all, it feels like it’s laggy as a result.

I am unable to reproduce it on desktop (both native and non-native) - technically, it shouldn’t happen there, unlike in-game.

Added to our backlog and we’ll look into it.

I have this same exact problem for all my users, when using dragMove there is a largely variable delay on when the window starts to move and the mouse is moving so the window doesn’t keep up with the cursor

It seems that when dragging an overwolf window outside a game running in windowed mode made, the drag can get stuck and no end-event is called when this happends. I think it would be better to stop the drag as soon as you move your mouse outside the game window, and possibly add contrain functionality: Add contrain functionality to dragMove on top of it.

@heartharena We added it to our backlog. (we also added Add contrain functionality to dragMove)

We will let you know when it will be ready.


an update: note that the ETA is OW v0.158 (~two weeks).


An update: 0.158 released with the fix. Available on the Developers channel.
Please check and confirm it’s working as expected.

This problem seems to be solved fixed in 0.158. Awesome!

You might still “out-run” the dragging by a tiny bit most likely because of the delay between the actual click and the dragMove being triggered. The window cursor doesn’t automatically clip to the position where you hold your mouse down. This can be seen in the HearthARena OPK when you move the dock with a very fast click.

However, this is no biggy, just making you aware.