R6 Siege LocalMatch

Does the API only give Information is Online Matches ?

It would be perfekt if u can get also Informations in Costum PVP Local Matches

Best regards

@Griemer yes. The event should work properly in different game modes.
In addition, you can get the game mode using the match_info update.

@eransharv tryed it in Custom PVP in LocalMatch the Rooster does not work. Is this correct? Because i neee to get the info of Kills death Scorer healt for the local Player in an lan match

@Griemer sorry i didn’t notice that you mention it’s a custom PVP. my bad. We are currently not supporting in custom mode. Having said that, you can open a feature request and our team will discuess that internally and let you know if we can add support to this mode or not.

@eransharv This would be so awesome. Because we are an event companion that is doing some events for costumers. And they want to have live stats. But they play offline in local network.

ok so please create a feature request on this site. And we will discuess it internally and let you know. thanks!