R6 Siege outcome events are broken

Issue Description: In R6 Siege matchOutcome and roundOutcome event data is always equal to “defeat”, no matter what the real outcome is.
Steps to reproduce: Setup logging of stated events -> play R6 Siege PVP match -> check logs
Impact for my app: very highOverwolfLogs_2019-11-10_11-22-20.zip (502.8 KB)

Please attach a zip package of your logs

hi @Oleksa. We will check it and update you here. thanks.

Hey @Oleksa, thank you for your report.

We’ll try to reproduce this and get back to you.

Hey @Oleksa,

We managed to reproduce this successfully and you are absolutely correct.
I’ve opened a bug for our team to solve this issue, hopefully we will resolve this with a matter of days.

Again, many thanks for pointing it out to us.

This issue was fixed last week, so this matter is closed.

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