R6:Siege roster updates seem massively delayed

With the latest GEP update to R6:Siege, there appears to be a giant delay in the points updates for the roster_x info events.

So e.g. a player gets a kill.
Their roster info updates to reflect the new kill, but not the 100 points.
Then 13 seconds(!) later, their roster info update triggers again with the 100 points update.

This completely breaks my app.

See log for examples.
2021-01-12 20:54:22,480 - roster_6 gets a kill.
2021-01-12 20:54:35,545 - the points for the kill are registered.

2021-01-12 21:07:27,254 - roster_4 gets a kill.
2021-01-12 21:07:34,529 - the points for the kill are registered.

2021-01-12 21:07:46,948 - roster_6 gets a kill.
2021-01-12 21:07:55,258 - the points for the kill are registered.

OverwolfLogs_2021-01-12_21-47-17.zip (3.2 MB)

It’s not just the score. It also seems to be missing a large portion of the deaths, perhaps all the roster_x info data.

Thanks for the update, we’ll check it today

The fix was released to all users
(GEP 162.0.0)

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According to @JocularMarrow this issue is reoccurring.
They can post logs.

OverwolfLogs_2021-02-02_02-36-14.zip (1.4 MB)

index.html.541.log (2.0 MB)

Thanks guys,

We’ll look into this matter and see if we can reproduce this.

Are you guys able to reproduce this 100% of the time?

No, I haven’t personally noticed this at all.

Ubisoft is releasing yet another patch later today. :man_facepalming:
So maybe wait with fixing this until after that.

We’ll wait to see if anything breaks bc of the patch.

Personally, I could not manage to reproduce this. Score is resetting properly both for me and everyone else in the roster once roundEnd is fired.

Best we can do is give you a debug plugin to try and re-create it.

Both me and Tycho had the same issue when we tested this. But I’ll will try to reproduce it when the events are back online

As you guys would know the events are back up.

Let me know if you guys are able to find a consistent reproduce for this scenario.

If you manage, I’ll throw you guys a debugging plugin.

Hey, so I continued the score testing and after the roundEnd event it still is a big different in the score. Here is one example

. 84ms after the roundEnd there is a scoreUpdate/scoreChange event. And right after it gets reseted to 0.

Also after the round ended I was missing 200 points. That got added after the round end. But I could not find the scoreUpdate event but the roster says two different values before and after the roundEnd event.

Here is the file with events: index.html.log (405.3 KB)

Hey guys,

After reviewing multiple logs + plugin logs with our team, this does not appear to be a bug, but rather a feature.

When winning a round, each team member is getting +100 score to their personal points and that update is reflected as soon as the roundEnd event is fired, thus making it look like a bug.

The score reset is actually fired when the next round begins, which also occur in your logs.

If there are any questions or clarifications needed regarding this issue, please ask away.
Unless there’s anything else, I would like to close this ticket with your permission.