[Rainbow six siege] Streamer mode suggestion

Related Games: Rainbow six siege
Related app/team name: StatsDB
Issue Description: New streamer mode “breaks” overlay
Can you reproduce it: Just play a game with a person who is spoofing their name (streamer)
Impact for my app: High,
Do you currently have a workaround?: No

So as we all know there is a new streamer mode in rainbow six siege. If a user is spoofing their username the overlay will return the name without the digits. And when this happens we search up a user that don’t exist or someone else stats.

My recommendation to fix this issue:
In the same place where you get the username in memory you can also get the profileId in chunks. So if you can just put those chunks together and provide us with the profileId we can compare the username in game with the response username. And if they don’t match we can scramble their real username before displaying it for the users.

I would also highly suggest that you only allow whitelisted apps to use the profileId so not anyone can use the events to bypass the streamer mode. And with whitelisted apps I’m talking about people who follow Overwolfs guidlines regarding the streamer mode.