Razer Headphones output not being captured on streaming api recording

Heya, one of our core users recently described an issue he is having with our game recorder (Predator app, Streaming API for recording).
When using his Razer headphones with a setting called THX (which is selectable as a capture device - can be seen selected in the OBS logs and is working properly with the game (the user can hear the audio) the recorder does NOT record any game audio.
When swapping to non-THX mode, everything is back to normal - but I guess the user loses some advantages of the “feature”…

user logs are attached.

could not reproduce it myself since I don’t have compatible headphones :X
posting this as I doubt this is a single instance issue and probably has some root cause and this could help others as well.

the user is VERY easy to communicate with and I’m sure he would be glad to help debug.
@Dana is already on our discord channel, if she wants to chat with him - his nick is @Tikerz.

OverwolfLogs_2021-10-11_18-39-19.zip (3.2 MB)

@boazrl Let me try to help, this is a known issue with the Razer THX sound structure\feature is a well-known issue on the OBS engine Sound Recording Compatibility Issues with Headsets: Overwolf Support

You can read about it more in the OBS forums (it’s a very old issue)

We can maybe try to show an error message via the Overwolf API, but this needs to be forward to your DevRel.

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