Registering to GEP setTimeout failure?

I need some help tracking this issue with registering to GEP.

I’m using the gep-service.js provided by Overwolf.
It works 99% of the time.

Usually, it logs one or two Failed to register to GEP, retrying in 5s... before logging Successfully registered to GEP.

However, from time to time it logs Failed to register to GEP, retrying in 5s... once, and then just doesn’t retry.

No other errors are thrown as far as I can see.

This log has that exact occurrence: (1.9 MB)

@Bl0n Thanks, we will check it and keep you updated here.

Hi @Bl0n,
It appears your app was closed after the first try.
It doesn’t look like a crash, maybe you have an idea of why?

I definitely didn’t close it, and specifically remember the app still running.
However, I could be misremembering. We need to trust the logs, right?

Let me fix the function throwing those errors you contacted me about on Slack, and then just wait for the issue to occur again. Hopefully I can then catch a new logfile that’s a bit more helpful.

This can be closed for now then.

Thanks for looking into it!

It could also be a “silent” crash - however, this is a developer’s mode run, so I don’t know how it’d look in a regular user mode.


@Bl0n Per your suggestion, I will close this ticket for now.
Please feel free to re-open it in the future, as necessary.