Release phasing - keep same distribution per release

Current: Release phase system will distribute to a different user group when a hot-fix is required.
Request: For the same phasing, keep original distribution.

If we release version 1.0 to 10% of the users using the phase system - lets call them group A.
Then we find a major issue, and we want to release an immediate fix 1.1, releasing it will target a different 10% of the users - not necessarily group A.

This means that group A will have the major bug until the new phasing of 1.1 will get to them.

We want to be able to release the hotfix 1.1 immediately to the same original 10% group A. And if all is good, continue the phasing from there.

@Eyal basically in general, it makes sense. but few thoughts:

  • What is the number of major bugs that we have in production versions? is it a common scenario? We need to know that to prioritize it better.
  • A rollback feature might also be an option.

@itayG FYI


  • If we say we don’t have major bugs then no need for a phasing to begin with :slight_smile:
  • A rollback might be problematic when a data migration was involved. But a nice (unrelated) option that might be a great addition in the future.

@Eyal Nice idea. We added it to our backlog.
No ETA though. It’s a low priority and complex in some aspects. We will update here.


Good news, 157 will include this fix
@eransharv @eransharv

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@itayG, I guess that you mean 0.175.