Replays API - allow saving the recorded voice (mic input) to a separate audio track on the video file

  • Feature Description:
    The feature request is referring to the following API:
    As part of the audio settings that define if the mic will be recorded or not allow to define the capturing of the mic to a separate audio track on the saved video file. This functionality is a common use case when capturing game play and mic using OBS - the following is a short YouTube video explaining how to do it using the OBS interface:
  • impact for my app: mid
  • What is your current pain point? Frequently gamers don’t like whatever was captured by the mic and would like to mute it, we don’t want them to choose between muting the whole sound of the captured gameplay or keeping it with the undesired mic recording.
  • What do you have in mind to solve it? Allowing gamers to mute the mic specifically in editing stage.

This feature will be available on Overwolf version 156.
We’ll provide 3 tracks: game+mic, game, mic

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Thank you very much for the update

I’m closing as we are already working on it. Stay tuned to our release announcments.