Respawn Game Event is not triggered on LoL

Issue Description:
The respawn game event is not being triggered when the player respawns

Steps to reproduce:
Respawn in the game

Impact for my app: high (636.5 KB)

@ignacioambrois thanks for the info and welcome to our community! we will check it and update you ASAP. Thanks.

@ignacioambrois, we are having some issues with this specific event. We currently don’t have an ETA for the fix. Can you please tell me what is the name of your app, and how exactly you are dependent on this event?

I’m currently developing so I don’t have a working title yet. It’s an app for tying game events with Phillips Hue light effects.

When the player dies one of the effects we can have is dimming the light, we want to restore the light at full brightness when the player respawns.

Ok, Understood. We will fix the Respawn issue in the next few weeks and let you know.

Thanks and thanks for the patience.

@ignacioambrois hi, we are glad to announce that finally, the respawn is working again!

Please update your OW to the latest version, to make sure you got the update.

Closing the ticket, but please fill free to mention me if you have some comments/feedback.


Thanks for getting back to me!