Riotgames access token

Hello, i tried some overwolf valorant applications and i through fiddler saw - the application have access to my v1/match-history/, v1/matches etc. This is official endpoint of riot games and for access you need the login access token. On the google i find the github repository, where you can generate this access token for riot endpoints, but for this you need username & password of account - thats normal. So, my questions is, with your overwolf sdk you can get generated access token from the client? Thank you for answer.

@alik321 Hi and welcome to our community.

In short - no. You can’t generate an access token from the OW client.

What exactly you are trying to achieve?

Hello, I would like to get the history of the player’s matches - at least 20 matches that the player has in the CAREER tab.
Because when I install for example the application “Valorant tracker” from (through overwolf store), in fiddler i can see how this app got my access token and through the official riot endpoint reads my match history. This endpoint, what is called inside valorant client can give for us the last XX user matches, but when we will take the url endpoint and change variable startIndex=X, we can give next matches (full history of matches). It would be nice if it was possible to call through overwolf, because some overwolf apps can do it right now ( overwolf app).
Here is a screenshot:

@alik321 I want to clarify - are you developing an Overwolf app? That needs to query and fetch data from Riot’s API like If so, did you discuss it with our developer’s relations team?
FYI, is not an Overwolf app. It’s an external app built on our platform.

@alik321 any updates?