RL my goals considered as the "Opposing team goal" on Outplayed

Related Games: Rocket League
Related app/team name (not a must if you want to keep it private): Outplayed, Fuze.tv
Issue Description: my goals considered as the “Opposing team goal” on Outplayed
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play
  2. Score one goal or more
  3. close the game, and opened outplayed - all the goal are considered the opposing team goals
    Impact for my app: mid
    Do you currently have a workaround? No, I just know it doesn’t happen to everybody.Don’t know if it matters, I installed Rocket league from the epic game store.

Please reproduce and attach a zip package of your OW client logs
Outplayed.zip (131.1 KB)

Please mention the time of the event so we can find it easily in the logs - 3:48pm - 3:53pm (there were 6 events that I scored a goal between these times and all were considered the opposing team goals).

We are starting to see A LOT of activity in RL now that it’s free on the epic store.
My guess is that everyone who download it from there would have this issue.

@StarbucksThor Hi.

  1. Can you please reproduce it and send us the full package of client logs? I want to check in the GEP log if your goals are triggered as an opponent goal or another issue.
  2. Can you please tell me if you are testing it in the Epic store version or the steam version? Can you tell me if that happens on the steam version as well?

This happened to me too on the epic version.

My goal:

My Logs:
OverwolfLogs_2020-09-29_10-10-29.zip (127.4 KB)

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We are checking this issue, and we will update it.
We saw the issue on Steam. We will also review it on Epic.


Currently we have multiple issues on the Epic Games version which needs addressing, and it might take us a few days to tweak everything.

Having said that, I’d like to clarify (for the off-chance that this ticket refers to actually scoring a self-goal) that self-goal IS considered an opposing team goal, even in the game itself, so that logic remains solid, and is not a bug.

Are there any news about this issue?

@LeshM We are on it. But unfortunately, I can’t give you an exact ETA.
I will update you and probably announce it on slack as well when the fix will be released.

@eransharv it’s fixed!

Great! thanks for the confirmation.