[Rocket League Epic Store] Mouse cursor does not appear in-game

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Issue Description:
in Epic Game Store Instance of Rcoket League, the cursor does not appear in-game.
it seems to be an overlay issue that occurs only when Overwolf is running.
if you’ll run the same exact steps on steam instance, the cursor will be visible
Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):

  1. Make sure that Overwolf Overlay is Enabled
  2. Open Rocket League via Epic Game Store
  3. Reproduction
    Impact for my app: very-low (Users have not reported it yet but we found it during some sanity tests)
    Do you currently have a workaround? No

Recording of Bug: Highlight #Rocket League | Captured by #Outplayed

@shir.brass Is it only happens when Outplayed runs or is it happens in general when Overwolf runs?

This is a long-known issue, happens also in epic version of PoE. It is a gamelist problem and not an event-related issue.

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@eransharv Overwolf in general

@Shargaas if it’s a known issue, any ETA for a fix?

I can’t give you one, since gamelist changes are under Yotam’s team.

We don’t handle those. I let him know when the epic versions came out.

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@Heaser FYI. Please update the status/ETA if possible. Thanks.

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We fixed the issue a few weeks ago. I will go ahead and close this issue. If the problem still occurs, please mention me here, and I’ll reopen it.