Rocket League own-goals do not send a goal event

Issue Description:

Overwolf appears to not be sending a goal event if an own-goal is scored in Rocket League without the opponent touching the ball. Without the goal event, Overwolf does not determine the winner correctly.

Steps to reproduce:

This can be reproduced by scoring in own-goal in Rocket League where the opposing player does not touch the ball. In game it should say “orange/blue scored” with the appropriate team name and not the opposing player’s name. Notice that Overwolf does not record a goal event and does not calculate the game results correctly.

Impact for my app: [low, mid, high, show-stopper]

This is a show-stopper for our app, since the game results cannot be reliably calculated.

Attached is the zip package of the logs from a Rocket League game where opponent should have won the game 1-0 (with the one goal being an own goal from the user): (1.6 MB)

Hi @bryan,

Thanks for the important info. We will check it and update you ASAP.


hi @bryan,

After checking the issue, we can confirm that as you said, in the described scenario, there is no event for the goal and no scoreboard update.
I will update you soon regarding the fix ETA.

Great, thank you for looking into it!

hey @bryan,

Regarding this issue - the game itself does not send a goal event for self goal and neither do we (specifically when an enemy did not touch the ball and only yourself).

However, the scoreboard does update, and it also updates in the GEP.