Sample app doesn't work


We FDcoS are a group of studens that are making a overlay app for some/most games. We ran into the problem of the sample app it self not working, at first we had the problem that the manifest couldn’t see any of the other components, this issue was resolved but after changing the game_targeting to ‘all’ the app can’t seem link it to any games we have. Additionaly it only ever launches the start_window (background).

What could we have done wrong?

Did you install the store version (the latest is v3.0.0)? Is it working as expected? I just now downloaded the latest sample app from Github, build and install it, and it’s working as expected.

allright we will take a look and try it,

Did you use the native version?
We where working with the typescript version of the app.
The sample app in native version (/sample-app/blob/master/native/manifest.json) has "background": { "file": "windows/background/background.html", while the store and typescript versions (/sample-app/blob/master/ts/public/manifest.json) have "background": { "file": "background.html",. Both Github versions don’t have the ‘background.html’ in the same folder as the manifest. The store version however, does have them in the same folder.

Why do these 3 versions have such a different folder layout to begin with?

Most of the devs these days are using typescript and other frameworks. The pure js version is mainly for demonstration if someone finds it easier to learn and understand.

The ts version is the most common in terms of folders, usage, etc.
It contains a build script that auto-creates for you an OPK. This OPK is the store version.
The store version should contain a simple structure, obfuscated code if necesasrat, etc.

BTW We found a bug and fix it. So you bettrer take the new version and try it.


We incorrectly assumed “load unpacked extension…” was to be used on the unbuild sample app ts. We have successfully build the sample app but our modified version fails to build. This is however outside the scope of the problem defined in the title and will ask about this in #defs-help or, if necessary, open a separate ticked for this.

Found the problem: Comments are not allowed in package.json or manifest.json but Visual Studio only marks those in package.json as such.

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