`sendKeyStroke` does not consistently register the key stroke for zero

Issue Description:
sendKeyStroke does not consistently register the key stroke for zero.

We have seen this issue intermittently while using our app and unfortunately have not been able to confirm consistent reproduction steps. But once affected, the problem is consistent until OW is restarted.

If affected, there appears to be no difference between sending “D0” and “0”; both characters are not registered.

Possibly related to `sendKeyStroke` has varying results if num lock is on or not.

Last seen on (Developers).

Steps to reproduce:
It can be tested by selecting a text field in game and calling (sendKeyStroke "D0"), as per Microsoft Key Enum. It’s expected that a “0” character will be entered into the text field. If affected, the input will be unchanged.

Impact for my app: [low, mid, high, show-stopper]
Mid. We can work around the issue for now and it is certainly not a consistent issue. But when it does occur, it has a very negative impact on our users.

@bryan have you tried to send just a zero 0?

Yup, if affected, the results are consistent when sending "D0" or "0".

Hi, @bryan. I’m sorry, but I can’t reproduce it.
Anyway, we are going to fix the num lock issue, and that might fix some other unexpected issues as well.

Related bug:

Thanks for your help, and sorry I don’t have any better information for you. It has certainly been an inconsistent issue so we haven’t quite narrowed down effective steps to reproduce.

OK. so with your permission, I will close this thread, and we will continue to handle this issue on the other open ticket.

As far as I know, this issue is not related to `sendKeyStroke` has varying results if num lock is on or not . We have seen this issue while testing with numlock disabled.

But I understand that this issue is not easily reproducible. We can keep this ticket marked as closed and I will attempt to get reproduction steps to be more helpful. Thanks.

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