setOverwolfVideosFolder callback received incorrect path argument

Issue Description:
setOverwolfVideosFolder does not receive the correct path argument. Instead of being a Path object, path is just a string of the folder path.


Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):

  • console.log the result from calling setOverwolfVideosFolder()

Impact for my app:

Do you currently have a workaround?
I can use result.path instead of result.path.value until it is fixed.

@fgfl on the docs, we specify that the path is a string and not a path object. Only the name of the parameter is `path:


@eransharv I meant the path parameter that is provided in the Result argument in the callback function. Result is of type FolderResult which has a path parameter of type Path, but my example above shows that path is a string instead of a Path object.

@fgfl OK, now it’s clear. I will update what we will do (fix the docs+def file or change the behavior).


@fgfl Hi,

I fixed the docs and the typedef file. Now - the sets (setOverwolfVideosFolder, setOverwolfScreenshotsFolder) will return a new SetFolderResult object (with the path as string) and not FolderResult object. (changing the current callback could break the backward compatibility).