.settings.hotkeys.assign: can't find Hotkey '<Name>

Issue Description:
See image
I pass in my hotkey name and get and error that it can not be found. The error result name includes a single tick that I don’t pass in.

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):
Yes, just trying any hotkey combination.

Impact for my app:
Prevents implementation of in-app hotkey change

Do you currently have a workaround?


overwolf version:

Could you record/screenshot the exact process and results, just to be sure we can reproduce it as is? (allso, I do see that there is an attached image, but it doesn’t seem to load works now)

Alright, a few questions:
First - how are you trying to get the hotkey? Which method in particular?
Second - does the app have the “Hotkeys” permission?

I’m not trying to get the hotkey but to set it.
I’m using the names that we define in the manifest, not what we have from the get method. But good point to create the UI based off that :sweat_smile:

The code shown is the isolated bit that breaks, not sure what you want me to record there :smiley:


Does the keybind itself actually register? Can you see it when you use overwolf.settings.hotkeys.get()? Does it work if you set it to the exact same values?

So the issue is:
The app is game-specific. So the hotkey is not in the globals object, only in the game specifics.

The error message doesn’t state that.
I need to pass in the gameId to change the hotkey.

I suggest making the error message more specific.
At least check to get rid of the " ’ " before the hotkey name there…that was the main reason that I reported this instead of digging a bit more before, because I assumed that there is some internal weirdness happening :slight_smile:

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Will test further to update the docs based on the exact behavior. Thank you for the report!