Single big transparent overlay, or several smaller ones?

My Hearthstone app adds an overlay on top of the playing zone, and will display information attached to elements in the zone (like the turn at which a card was drawn).
As I will probably need to add (disconnected) information in several places, I was wondering if it was better to have a single overlay (possibly spanning the entire game zone) with all the information or to have several smaller windows, each in charge of a specific zone.

What is the recommendation?

hi @sebastientromp.

Our official recommendation is NOT to use full-screen transparent window.
You can read why here:

Thanks. Eran

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Got it :slight_smile:

Just to make sure it’s crystal clear to me: let’s say I have 10 small overlays at the same time, none of which are draggable. Should I still use 10 different windows (one for each overlay) instead of one single full-screen overlay with all the info?

@sebastientromp I think that it’s depends on the use case. Basically, you need to find the sweet spot between your requirements and the fact that in-game transparency “costs”:

if you have several small UI elements - you might arrange your UI more effectively - maybe a full width but rather thin transparent strip, that allows you to “spread” your UI elements on it. Maybe use 2 strips in the top and bottom, maybe use vertical strip as well, etc.

I hope that it make sense.


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