Skip permission popup

We would like to skip permission popup for our center client(pc gaming centers only), because center admin already know about overwolf and he had agreed with it but some users complain about the popup, like something is misconfigured. So for our home client we do not have any problems with it since every user is playing from his personal pc. But for our centers we do not want to disturb our client with it. The popup started to appear when you created -headless(without tray icon) installer for us,which was awesome.

Our software is running in shell mode so users do not interact with windows or the OW client. I am talking about the overlay permission pop up.

@AntonioZn, we push it to our backlog, no ETA yet.
Note that It’s not in the highest priority for now from our side due to more urgent issues to handle, but we surely want to help you as much as we can.

We will keep you updated here.

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Agree. This looks like an error message. For us it’s a monetary/conversions thing. The user already said they wanted to opt in to subscribe to the app. Having to click again only creates friction and reduces conversions.