Some of recording are not working within html5 video player

Issue Description:

Several of our users experinced the bug related to a fact that the video recorded by overwolf.streaming api and modifed by is not working within html5 video player in the app. By handling of onerror event that is emitted by video player, our app receives the following error:

    code: 4
    message: "DEMUXER_ERROR_COULD_NOT_OPEN: FFmpegDemuxer: open context failed"

Impact for my app: show-stopper

Link to the video that is not working:


@igor.shulgin Is it reproducible on your side? If so, Can you please tell me the exact steps to reproduce?

Yes, I can reproduce it. And it’s reproducable in any app.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download video file from this link
  2. Move downloaded file to the Outplayed app video folder.
  3. Launch Outplayed
  4. Open DevTools
  5. Execute the following script
const v = document.createElement('video'); = 'position: absolute; width: 100%; height: 100%; top: 0; left: 0; z-index: 9999; background: rgba(0,0,0,.7)';
v.addEventListener('error', () => console.log(v.error)); => {
    for (let video of res.videos) {
        if (video.indexOf('LoL_Renekton_10.19.3364199_2020-09-26_18-58-35') !== -1) {
            v.src = video;

Expected result:

Video succesfully loaded and ready to start playing

Actual result:

An error occurs during loading the video

Important note

It doesn’t matter in which app to execute STR. I choose Outplayed just to show that this issue is not app-related

@igor.shulgin can you attach the logs package here? (818.9 KB)

As workaround, instead using
use “file://…” e.g:

and add to the window manifest flag:
“allow_local_file_access”: true,

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@igor.shulgin Did you make sure that the name of your file is not the problem? As I got the error when I follow your steps. But when I changed it to Outplayed’s naming convention (for example, I put it in the CS: GO folder, I named it CSGO 10-01-2020 13-45-10-777 ) - I didn’t got the error.

Anyway, in general, it’s better to check these kinds of things in a demo app, with a blank window that contains an HTML5 video player, etc. To eliminate other issues.

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I tried to rename a file and got the same error.

@eransharv I will try to reproduce it in a demo app, thanks for suggestion.

BTW renaming of file didn’t fix an issue for me