Some questions about Apex legends

Hello, I had some questions about what it was possible to do with overwolf on the game Apex legends.

  1. Is it possible to get all the skins you have (even if it’s only the Ids)?
    example : [{id: 154515, legendId: 154, possessed: true}]
  2. Is it possible to recover all trackers (Even if it’s only Ids) ?
    example : [{id: 154515, legendId: 154, value: 15, possessed: true}]
  3. Is it possible to get an event every time a bullet is firered ? For calculating accuracy, how many bullet you have fired in a game to get adapted amount of ammo the next game
  4. On the example application there is a ‘phase’ feature which does not appear on the doc what does it correspond to?

@flo025 Hi,

  • Regarding 1-2: it’s currently not supported, but you can create a feature request on each subject…
  • Regarding 3: getting every single bullet will create thousands of events, and that can cause degraded performance from your app. Again - you can create a feature request, and we will consider it.
  • Regarding 4: I deleted it now. It’s probably something historical…


@eransharv Hi,
Thanks for the answer, I will create a feature request on these topics

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