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Hey Guys! I was wondering if i could help?
For Outplayed
I could do a tutorial on how to download OutPlayed
And you could put it on The download Screen of outplayed
Please and thank yous -Lj

@LukeyJay Thanks! Adding @shir.brass from the Outplayed team. He can answer on that question.

Hi @LukeyJay, thank you for reaching out to us and for wanting to help, it’s very much appreciated. I am not sure that we have a need for a download tutorial for Outplayed at the moment.

Downloading Outplayed should be very easy, and if it’s not - we might want to fix that :slight_smile:

We would love to get your help by joining our community in Discord and be active, help others when you can. Also, inviting friends that play games to use Outplayed and spread the word out.

If you want to chat more, find me in our Discord server - u:EpicBrain.

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