[Starcraft II] match_start & match_end are not behaving as expected

Severity: medium
Do we have a workaround? No.

We’ve just introduced support for starcraft 2 and we found a couple of issues:

in-game replays are detected as matches

Starcraft 2 has an in-game replays feature.
when you watch a replay in starcraft II, match_start is triggered (and when you leave, match_end is triggered accordingly)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. play any starcraft match (that can be saved to replays)
  2. go to replays
  3. start watching your match
  4. BUG match_start was received on replay start

Logs: OverwolfLogs_2020-08-02_15-10-39.zip (1.1 MB)

match_end is not triggered for campaign mode

Starcraft 2 has a campaign mode.
when playing in the starcraft 2 campaign, a match_start is triggered in the beginning of the campaign mission but no match_end in the end.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. play any starcraft campaign mission
  2. get the match_start event
  3. finish the campaign mission
  4. BUG match_end was not triggered on match end

Logs: OverwolfLogs_2020-08-02_15-24-11.zip (1.2 MB)

  • Regarding the in-game replays issue - technically, we currently can’t identify the differences between in-game replays to a match. Itay or I can explain to you why in private if you are interested. Have you tried to find a workaround?
  • I’m not familiar with the campaign mode. Is it popular? how many users are using this mode? (not sure if you know the number. But I’m sure there is some way. (Maybe to find out for how many users the match_end is not triggered? maybe other ideas). Anyway, the bottom line is, if it’s not a popular mode, we prefer not to touch it for now.

In all of our gep-supported games we usually invest most of our resources in supporting the official game mode that attracts the most users that play.
Campaign missions are story modes that users usually play on their own, therefore there wasn’t a necessity to support it at any point in time. our focus stayed on multiplayer.

my issue isn’t with the lack of support but rather the broken support that exists

based on the fact that the only events that I have are match_start & match_end for this game, these are my ques to start or stop certain actions

if I would have known which mode am I playing, I could have ignore match_start/ match_end cause I have an additional variable

@shir.brass Hi,

Our SC2 events are not based on a GEP plugin due to technical limitations that we had when implemented back then. So, unfortunately, we can’t support these features. At least without any significant investment and resources. At this point, I will have to reject this FR.

Of course, if you want to discuss that and maybe get some more internal details, please DM me.


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