Store all assets locally (after download) instead of using browser/application cache


I received the following piece of feedback from the Chinese community:

So tonight I was asked to convey the urgent need of all Chinese hearthstone player who use firestone: to simply ask you if it’s possible for firestone to download all the images to users computer and read the file instead of read the images online?
Here’s the reason why we need this: all .com websites overseas has DNS cache pollution, literally ALL. Unless the website had filing and put on the record by our government to prove it’s totally harmless.
In almost every region of china, when we visit firestone website, the ping is extremely high. As the picture below:
The only one network node with 1ms is in America Kansas.
To fully enjoy all the great functions you provided on firestone, I might need to use VPN the whole time, even just for loading the images. And to be honest, it is still too slow on some occasions. Not to mention those who don’t have a VPN just couldn’t use firestone at all while the DNS interference is severe.
In all, we really hope that is a possible option to read the images and other files from local that we had already downloaded and saved before .

What I was thinking of:

  • Have a way to customize where the cache for the app is located, and be able to set an expiry date for all items to “forever”, without a cache size limit
  • Write a custom handler (for images at least), that saves every image to a location on disk and tries to load them from there. Not sure how to go about it without rewriting the image code everywhere in the app though

Any feedback welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Seb!
Thank you for this suggestion! I’ll pass this request onwards, and we’ll try to move it from there. However, considering the potential complexity of it, I’m afraid I can’t give you an ETA for now.

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So! after thoroughly checking, it seems like it will not be possible for overwolf to implement this behavior directly.
However! Assuming that the chinese players are okay with it, it should be possible to give them an option to explicitly download all of the images through the app, so they can save them locally and avoid this problem.
This will require new logic in your app, to allow them to download it (potentially also a prompt based on their location), as well as making all images try to load from a local version first.

If you choose to do that, and wish for any help with making sure this feature is rolled out properly, do not hesitate to discuss it with your dev-rel manager!

Thanks for the reply! I’m just realizing that you had answered, I must have turned off the email notifications somehow.

That’s unfortunately what I feared, but I totally understand. I will see if it can make sense for me to implement that logic.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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