Summoner_infos not sent to the app by LEP

Issue Description:
I’ve this issue for one user: LEP never sends any summoner_infos to the app when it should. No summonerId, no region …
And actually, even in the LEP logs of this user, those info do not appear (whereas they do appear when I check the LEP logs on my PC).

Steps to reproduce:
Impact for my app: Mid - Not sure how many users get affected. I’ve quite a lot of events (2k/day) in my analytics which might be due to that.

Do you currently have a workaround?
Absolutly not. The affected user I’m in contact with on Discord did everything he could (reinstalled lol, ow, changed lol locale)

Please reproduce and attach a zip package of your OW client logs

Looks like an error when connecting to the LCU websocket (“Region Locale error: 500”)
We’ll send you a new LEP version with a possible fix (so you’ll send it to the user who can reproduce this issue)
I hope that it will be ready for next week

I’m closing this issue as it was resolved on the poro slack channel .

Could you reopen this issue ?
Got another user affected by the problem

Thanks (194.3 KB)

@trebonius0 So it was fixed to some time and now happening again?

I’m not sure.
Previous user stopped responding to messages at some point (before resolution of the issue)

Do we have steps to reproduce?

Sadly I don’t have more than those logs

@trebonius0 we added it to our backlog. No exact ETA yet.