Support for Beta version

Today I send custom opk files to my beat testers for them to upgrade. However, several other users have mentioned that even though they find the current process cumbersome, and thus refrain from installing beta versions, they would be happy to automatically get beta updates.
As the number of beta testers I have is quite small, having a handful more users to help my beta test the app would be extremely useful.

Could there be a way to support beta versions? I would need to:

  • Have full control over deploying new beta versions (i.e. not requiring any action from OW)
  • Allow users to opt in to beta builds
  • Allow users to opt back out and revert to the main versions

Is this something that could be considered?
Or if not, do you have a workaround?



One workaround is to serve all your Javascript from a server and handle these things from there, so that the overwolf app is basically just an empty shell. I didn’t try that myself yet though. So might have limitations, and obviously you’ll have web traffic for every user, which also might not be ideal for neither you or the user.

We tried to make the process as easy as possible, so for our beta testers, when there is a new version out, they are informed both in discord and get an alert popup in Overwolf itself.
The alert and discord announcement include downloads of the new opk and they only need to download + doubleclick that and are set.

Somewhat advantageous on this process also is that they now when there is a new version out.

Making the process as low friction as possible definitely helps.

But there also was talk about self-publishing, which also might include beta versions.
That’s about half a year ago now iirc, and back then the word was it would happen within the (back then) next month…so idk :smiley:

@Colorfulstan you mention the self-publishing - so I’m glad to say that we already have a live closed beta version of our dev console, that allows you to publish independently new versions of your app to your end-users. It’s currently under test, but it will be available very soon.

Of course, we are plan to add more and more features, and definitely, I will add this feature to our backlog (if it’s not already in there). One solution that I can think of will be an implementation of some “channels” like we are using already (Developers, QA, etc.).

So as it’s already handled on our end, with your permission, I will close this feature request.


Thank you both :slight_smile:

@Colorfulstan just an update - i added it to our dev console backlog. :slight_smile:
Closing this ticket.