Support to detect on which monitor the game in running

  • Feature Description: support detecting on which monitor a game is running
  • impact for my app: show-stopper
  • What is your current pain point? For Rainbow 6 I am not able to detect on which monitor the game is running so implementing the 2nd screen monitor support is impossible.
  • What do you have in mind to solve it? For runningGameInfo to give the id or name of the monitor on which the game is running.

To describe the issue in more detail: the monitor list is offering the windows/Microsoft information telling us which is the primary monitor but we do not know on which monitor the game is actually running. This creates to problematic scenarios:

  • scenario one in which player connects laptop to external monitor and plays game on secondary monitor while laptop is primary
  • scenario two in which laptop has primary monitor the external one but the game runs by default (in some games like R6 this happens) on monitor number 1 (not on primary).

I need to know on which monitor the game is being played in order to know which monitor I will select as target for second desktop support.

note for stuff: after FR is accepted, add a link to the internal ticket.

thanks. we will discuses that internally and update you soon.

@avner-solomon we will add it to our API. I will update here when it’s done.

internal FR id: PLAN-287

@avner-solomon hi. the ETA for releasing this feature is about a month from now. (in v0.135).

@avner-solomon it’s implemented in version 0.135.
I updated the docs now, and you can find two new properties under the GameInfo Object: monitorHandle and windowHandle.

Example usage:

  1. You can get the list of your monitors (and their monitor’s ids) with GetMonitorsList(), so you can know which one is the primary and which one is the secondary, etc.
  2. On a change (for example the user moved the game window from one screen to another), the OnGameInfoUpdated event will be triggered, and you will have the updated GameInfo object with the new monitor handle.

Hopes that helped.
FYI @asaflivne @itayG