Tell if a game is launched or closed

Can I tell if a game is running even if it does not support events?

Hey @Slion,

In Overwolf, when we refer to a “supported game,” it could mean one of two levels of support:

  1. Overlay support - games that support overlay injection.
    In these games, we can display OW apps as an overlay and make use of Overwolf APIs.

  2. Game events support - games that support overlay injection as well as real-time game events.
    You can create OW apps for these games that leverage game events using the overwolf. API.

So if a game is supported (case #1) you will still be able to check it from your app, using the API.


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Thanks for the fantastic support we get here.

I got confused because my logs did not turn up in the console.
Turns out it was logged on the background window console which can be accessed through:

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