Text File is getting saved in the Pictures Folder irrespective of location given

overwolf.extensions.io.writeTextFile(overwolf.io.paths.localAppData,“SampleLog”, “Message”,console.log);


overwolf.extensions.io.writeTextFile(overwolf.extensions.io.enums.StorageSpace.localAppData,“SampleLog”, “Message” ,console.log);

@sureshgoud14 please try replacing the space parameter with "appData" or "overwolf.extensions.io.enums.StorageSpace.appData"

Can you provide me a sample for overwolf.io.writeFileContents method. because overwolf.extensions.io.writeTextFile will take enum of pictures,videos & appData. If we wanna save text file in other location this writeFileContents would be useful. It is not working at my end.

@sureshgoud14, how do you call it, and what error do you get?

here is the sample code:

overwolf.extensions.io.writeTextFile(overwolf.io.paths.localAppData,“Log”, JSON.stringify(result,null,2),console.log);

//Nothing is getting created.

@sureshgoud14 Hi,

I simplified your call in order to debug it and convert the callback to a simple console.log call.
It returns success as expected:


The above command created successfully File.txt in the overwolf.io.paths.localAppData directory. (In my case it’s C:\Users\Eran\AppData\Local)

Thank you.It is working

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