TFT API - roster.player_status / index doesn't match current in-game ranking of players

Issue Description: Index data for roster.player_status does not match the rank (for the current match 1-8) of the players in the game

Steps to reproduce: Check roster.player_status of ‘’ while playing TFT and you will notice that index does not match the 1-8 ranking

Impact for my app: high

Attached: A screenshot from a live game. Using the color coding the player in screenshot is actually rank 1 in game but index shows up as 4.

Hey @ZeusLucis,

Thank you for your attention. Thankfully - this matter is not a bug, but rather the intended way this was developed. The accurate “position” of every player comes at the end of your match after you died/won.
You will then receive a correct update with the ending position of everyone in your game.

Feel free to talk to us if you have further questions.