TFT - board_pieces and bench_pieces arent sent at all on PBE, they work correctly on live server

Hello, I was working on one of my project and discovered that board_pieces and bench_pieces arent sent at all in game data on the PBE. They are sent correctly on the live server. But on PBE only the shop_pieces can be found. ( Even in the log file. ) . To be sure I check if other apps where getting the board ( like TFTactics ) and they arent getting the board neither.

I’ve check on another computer to see if it wasnt related to mine and got the same result.

It’s not really important right now but will become an issue when the new set will be only availble on the PBE tomorrow.

I wanted to train my object detection algorithm on the PBE ( this project has been approved by Riot, I can provide proofs ) but to get data faster I was relying on board_pieces and bench_pieces.

And I was wondering if it was a " bug " or if you deactivated it on purpose on PBE.

Thanks a lot in advance.