TFT carousel round event bug

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Issue Description:
I was enabled “match_info” to get each round information.
But, it skipped next round number of carousel.

For example,
When 2-4 round starts (it’s carousel round)
2-4 round start (onNewEvents)
---- pick a champion ----
[Preparing 2-5]
2-4 battle state and in_progress is true (onInfoUpdates2) <- it gives 2-4 instead of 2-5
2-4 battle start (onNewEvents) <- same here

The sequence timing could be wrong a little, but it’s pretty sure API doesn’t give N-5 round event on both of onInfoUpdates2 and onNewEvents.

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):
Each carousel round: 1-1, N-4 (where N>1)
And round 1-2 and N-5 events are missing.

Attached file is my chrome console logs and it’s output.
I enabled only “match_info” game event feature.

tft_logs.log (37.2 KB)


Thanks for reporting, this is a known issue for us for a while, we will update our documentation accordingly to avoid any misundestandings.
It’s in our backlog and we will fix it in the future.

Oh, Thank you. :slight_smile:
Could you let me know where I can find the known issue list?

There is no list in a particular URL. We are adding the info to the docs in the appropriate location.
For example, @Shargaas added the above here:

With your permission, I will go ahead and close the ticket. You can always mention me if there is any further issue, and I can reopen it as necessary.


OK, You can close the ticket, Thank you!