TFT new game events

  • Feature Description 1: Having a list of all the items I have (placed and not placed)
  • Feature Description 2: Finishing the Carousel event (so it tells you also the items)
  • impact for my app: high

Hi @mikisf,

We already have these features in our backlog but with no ETA.
I will check if we can push it. Is your app live in the store? Is it a showstopper?


Oh thank you so much then. I’m really not making a product for the public, it is just something for me because I want to learn how to program this things which I’m not being thought at the university.
However, I thought riot api was good and I programmed everything and then, when I wanted to make the final step (made it work with the game) I realised their api was really poor, unlike yours.
Thank you so much, I’ll be waiting for your push.