Toast notifications

overwolf.notifications.onToastNotification event is wrongly named on docs and type file.

used as onToastInteraction at runtime (and works), so both docs and d.ts file are wrong on this one.
you can just pop into a running app console and type overwolf.notifications and see the members list…
picture attached to save your time :slight_smile: image

also using toast on an unpacked app does NOT work.
returned error is: “Required app start menu shortcut is missing!”
found a thread on Slack where “Gildon” told another user that installing the app once as an OPK should solve this - did NOT work for me, even after you test it on an OPK, reverting to the unpacked version breaks it again.

Try putting a shortcut to your app inside the “AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Overwolf” folder.

I did that after reverting back to an unpacked version and that works.

You can get a shortcut to your app by finding it in the app store, click on the cog, then “Add desktop shortcut”.

The target of my shortcut looks like this, ““C:\Program Files (x86)\Overwolf\OverwolfLauncher.exe” -launchapp okmohcjfmchpapljmoineeecekojmbbheniohgnp -from-desktop”

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Thx for the tip! ill give it a go!
still hoping that it will be fixed platform side, so others will not waste their time on this :slight_smile:

Thanks, @boazrl - I fixed the doc and the def file.

Regarding the shortcut issue - I will internally discuss it with the team. Meanwhile, I added a note on the API page (Note that currently using toast on an unpacked app does NOT work).


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