Track all inventory items in Apex Legends

  • Feature Description: there is a need to catch the receiving of armor/helmet and understanding of which mods are used on weapons. Currently, mods are disappearing after being attached to weapon and armor is not trackable at all
  • impact for my app: high

hi @Dmitry,

The way it works (“hide” an item from the inventory when attached to a weapon or body) is just like the way that the game works - the inventory API reflects the game inventory, and includes only the items that included in the current player inventory. Which means - no body or weapons attachments.
How would you imagine a perfect solution from your side? Which event/info updates are missing?

hi! Thanks for the reply!
This feature is asked for the DreamTeam Apex app

We need to know which armor/helmet and weapon mods used by the player at the moment of time. As you say, it might be not related to inventory slots (but inventory in the game includes everything that you have from heals to weapons and armor by pressing of TAB) but there is a need to track it.
I would suggest using “inUse” or any other event for armor/shield/“active weapon with used mods”. Also mods info can be included in:


From the client-side i see no ways to solve this =(

Added to Apex events backlog


Would personally enjoy such a feature, maybe have some way to request inventory for a specific player ID as well or the ability to fire up custom events in order to handle cases like these.

I don’t have an app application yet, still waiting on whitelisting first, but I’d be using it.

it’s done and live already.

Feature: kill_feed
event: kill_feed_with_local _name

{"local_player_name": "playerName", "attackerName":"NerdGhela","victimName":"DJerryKhan","weaponName":"energy_ar","action":"knockdown"}

I’m closing this ticket. Please let me know if something is not working as expected.