Trucky Overlay - GameInfo window resets its position or move after CTRL+TAB

Issue Description:

on Trucky Overlay, some users reports, I think since one of latest OW updates, windows keeps resetting position when CONTROL+TAB. they move the window, then back to the game, at next CTRL+TAB, window back to previous position, but not at 0,0 , seems the position when the game is started.
I know it’s a weird bug report, but I cannot reproduce it after many tries.
How I can look into it or supply more information to debug?

Steps to reproduce:
Take the Game Info window and move it
Back to the game
Back to the game
Window change its position with no user action (moving upper on the Y axis)

Impact for my app: [low, mid, high, show-stopper]: high
Do you currently have a workaround? No


How I can look into it or supply more information to debug?

Well, at first, you can start by asking the users on which version the bug exists.
Then, if it is always reproducible, it will be great also to ask their client logs.

Thanks. (545.9 KB)

look at the overlay window on the right. it resets the position after toggled (windows are toggled when game pause)

hope this helps

@dowmeister can you please update the status of this issue? from our end we can’t find an issue.
I recomend to wait for the next Developers version that should be released in a few days, and retest it, as we did some internal changes in components that might related.

Please update me.


I’m closing this issue as a lack of response. Please feel free to mention me when if you want to reopen it. Thanks.

Yes, thanks.

People didn’t reported it for a while.

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