Two players' views of the same match scores are inconsistent

Issue Description:

As per the same zips attached here, you’ll find by matching up the score events that one client thought the match ended where sr531 had a score of 110, while the other thought he had a score of 180.

Note, both clients agreed on the goals, but not on the individual score. We can see the final event containing sr531's score from Fragee's perspective shows the following (score of 110):

{"events": [{
		"name": "playerLeft",
		"data": "{\r\n  \"steamId\": \"76561198933578234\",\r\n  \"score\": 110,\r\n  \"goals\": \"1\",\r\n  \"deaths\": \"0\",\r\n  \"name\": \"sr531\",\r\n  \"state\": \"0\",\r\n  \"team_score\": 1,\r\n  \"team\": \"1\",\r\n  \"index\": 1\r\n}"

However, at the end of sr531's events, the last event containing his score shows the following (score of 180):

{"events": [{
		"name": "goal",
		"data": "{\r\n  \"steamId\": \"76561198933578234\",\r\n  \"score\": \"180\",\r\n  \"goals\": \"1\",\r\n  \"deaths\": \"0\",\r\n  \"name\": \"sr531\",\r\n  \"state\": \"0\",\r\n  \"team_score\": \"1\",\r\n  \"team\": \"1\",\r\n  \"index\": 1\r\n}"

Also note that sr531 sees that Fragee has a score of 20, but she does not see any score update for herself. So each player has a different view of the score of each of them; the only thing upon which they agree is the number of goals.

Steps to reproduce:

This was played with two OW clients on version and Nothing special is needed beyond playing an RL private 1v1 match. I was inspecting these logs to point out the issues for #418 when I noticed the discrepancy in the scores.

Impact for my app: [low, mid, high, show-stopper]

This is a high priority issue for us, since we need to be able to rely on solid event reporting from OW when we’re supporting real money matches. We expect each player to report what happened during the match and for both of those stories to match. If they don’t, we abort the match and suspect those players of cheating, which is not something we want to take lightly.

Please attach a zip package of your logs (1.3 MB) (2.2 MB)

It should be fixed already. I need to test to see if it is reproducible now. I will keep you updated. Thanks.

From inspecting the logs we can see that the client runs different GEP version.
if you will update the clients and make sure that they are runninng the same GEP version, you should not see any issue.

Please re-test it and confirm that it’s working as expected.