UI Scale/ Zoom Offset

  • Feature Description: A changeable scale factor per window. The scaling based on the DPI works great and it would be nice to have a scale offset for users who like to change the size of their UI to better fit their screen. This would improve the current behavior by a lot for extreme cases like 1360x766 which is quite small.
  • impact for my app: [mid].
  • What is your current pain point? Solving this by CSS does not work because e.g. transform scale modifies the rendered object while the width and height stays the same. This results in empty spaces and blurry texts and borders. Also this does not take care of the dimension of the actual Overwolf window.
  • What do you have in mind to solve it? Adding a public API to set the current scale/ zoom of the window.

note for stuff: after FR is accepted, add a link to the internal ticket.

@Kyusung4698 thanks, I’m not sure that we currently want to go in that path. But I will let the R&D review this request and feedback.


Can you please explain what the new scale method would do? (resize the ow window? scale the window’s content?)

@itayG Sure. My situation is following: I have users with many different resolutions from 1280 (not even hd) to 1920 (hd) to 3840 (4k). Scaling the content with just css does not work on this spectrum because the result would just be of low quality and pixelated. I though having a single factor which will adjust the window size accordingly AND the window content by setting the zoom factor of chromium would be a reasonable solution. If this does not work two separate factors would also be okay. Prior to that though i was assuming that you are already having such a factor which is in connection to the screen DPI. So my first idea was using a simple offset which gets added to that internal factor.

@Kyusung4698 hi. So if I understand correctly, you mean to something like the chrome browser zoom:


If that is the case, a possible solution will be to add an API like this one: overwolf.windows.zoom(double zoo_factor, callback) or something like that.

Regarding the window size: we will not change it as the right solution is to identify your resolution/DPI and change the window size accordingly.

Please confirm.

new feature has been released: setZoom(winzoomFactorowId, windowId).
Closing the ticket.