Unable to create watermark on the video

I am trying to create watermark on the captured video. Here is the code for the same.

let waterMarkFile=overwolf.extensions.io.enums.StorageSpace.videos + “//icon.png”;
overwolf.media.videos.addWatermark(result.url, fileval,
location: overwolf.media.videos.enums.WatermarkLocation.BottomLeft,
scaleHeight: 300

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what is the result you get when you are calling addWatermark?

let waterMarkFile=overwolf.extensions.io.enums.StorageSpace.videos+ “//remag.png”;
This is not giving the full address.

Result of this is videos/remag.png

“success”: false,
“status”: “error”,
“reason”: “Cannot find watermark video.”

So there you go. You are using a non-valid path for the video (the first param of addWatermark()).

Make sure to use a valid video URL. e.g:

overwolf.media.videos.addWatermark("overwolf://media/videos/Settings/test.mp4",'overwolf://media/videos/Settings/giphy.gif', {
        location: overwolf.media.videos.enums.WatermarkLocation.BottomLeft,
        scaleHeight: 300

Actually captured Video Name has space in it. But it got replaced with “+” in returned result url of the stopCapture method. Which one should i use?

“success”: true,
“status”: “success”,
“url”: “overwolf://media/replays/SampleApp/CSGO/CSGO_12-31-2020_13-04-18-765/CSGO+12-31-2020+13-06-37-251.mp4”,
“path”: “C:/Users/spartan/Videos/Overwolf\SampleApp\CSGO\CSGO_12-31-2020_13-04-18-765\CSGO 12-31-2020 13-06-37-251.mp4”,
“encodedPath”: “file:///C:/Users/spartan/Videos/Overwolf/SampleApp/CSGO/CSGO_12-31-2020_13-04-18-765/CSGO 12-31-2020 13-06-37-251.mp4”,
“duration”: 10466,
“has_tobii_replay”: false,
“thumbnail_url”: “overwolf://media/thumbnails/SampleApp/CSGO/CSGO_12-31-2020_13-04-18-765/CSGO+12-31-2020+13-06-37-251.mp4”,
“thumbnail_path”: “C:\Users\spartan\Videos\Overwolf\SampleApp\CSGO\CSGO_12-31-2020_13-04-18-765\Thumbnails\CSGO 12-31-2020 13-06-37-251.jpg”,
“thumbnail_encoded_path”: “file:///C:/Users/spartan/Videos/Overwolf/SampleApp/CSGO/CSGO_12-31-2020_13-04-18-765/Thumbnails/CSGO 12-31-2020 13-06-37-251.jpg”,
“start_time”: 1609400195861,
“secondary_videos”: null

I have received this result , by using path of the result from stopCapture method
“success”: false,
“status”: “error”,
“reason”: “Cannot find source video.”

From the attached info I understand the source is exist here:

C:/Users/spartan/Videos/Overwolf\SampleApp\CSGO\CSGO_12-31-2020_13-04-18-765\CSGO 12-31-2020 13-06-37-251.mp4

When you are calling to addWatermark, you should use this URL as the source param:

overwolf://media/videos/SampleApp/CSGO/CSGO_12-31-2020_13-04-18-765\CSGO 12-31-2020 13-06-37-251.mp4

Assuming your video capture folder defined in your OW client as C:\Users\spartan\Videos\Overwolf

Hi. The issue should be fixed in OW v0.165.
We will release this version in the developer’s channel in a few days. I will let you know.


Hi there,

I’m trying to use this API as well with an App relative path (file in the extension folder).
The documentation states you can pass in basically whatever works for image src attributes, but I always get the “Cannot find watermark video.” error.

tried with relative path, unpacked install and packed install, overwolf-fs absolute urls and overwolf://extension-resources/ url.

Could you provide some examples of the intended, working use of that API?
Specifically using it with an image distributed with the app.

I understand there are fixes/changes coming with 165, how long will those take to deploy?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Tried with the Developers channel and getting same results.
But now with some “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” errors sprinkled in :smiley:

overwolf://extension-resources/.../img/poster-game-other.1d297b48.png => Cannot find watermark file.

  • C:\\Users\\...\\AppData\\Local\\Overwolf\\Extensions\\...\\\\img\\poster-game-other.1d297b48.png
  • img/poster-game-other.1d297b48.png
  • //img/poster-game-other.1d297b48.png
    => Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I will do a test with the dev channel and if it will work as expected, I will attach the files, etc. so you can test it on your local machine.

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Hey eran, any new information on this one?

Sorry for the delay. I will reply to you today or tomorrow.


@Colorfulstan, I want to make sure that we are on the same page here:

What exactly are you trying to achieve? As far as I understand, your required flow is:

Capture highlights to the default captured folder (As defined in the OW client setting).
For example: C:/Users/spartan/Videos/Overwolf/SampleApp/CSGO/CSGO_12-31-2020_13-04-18-765\CSGO 12-31-2020 13-06-37-251.mp4

Add a watermark to the captured video above. (where is the watermark file stored? where are you keeping it?)


I will keep the watermark image wherever it needs to be, so I need a working example.
Tried in the app files

Hi. I saw that Tom already replied to you on this in the slack: to try the latest developers version, which enables you to use a watermark image from your app folder.

Have you tried it? If not, please do and tell me if it’s working or not.

Hi. As the fix is released, I will go ahead now and close the ticket.
If it’s not working as expected or for any other reason you would like to reopen it - please mention me here, and I’ll do that.

Anyway, you are welcome to feedback if it’s working for you.