User subscription not working

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Issue Description:
A user does not see a subscription in their Overwolf client, even though one is active in the console.

Their username is Jonikalus.

Can you reproduce it:
I have been sent screenshots of what the user sees, and I can see the subscription in the dev console.

Impact for my app:
Jonikalus originally paid for a subscription and later cancelled it.

As he has helped me to find bugs in my app, I manually created him a subscription in the dev console (set a date far in to the future and marked his subscription as active) so he can continue to help.

I do not want him to be charged for the subscription, but I’d like to still be in control of it.

He has tried signing out and back in again, but there is no effect.

Do you currently have a workaround?

That’s not his username. Usernames are all lowercase.

Check getActivePlans returns success but no active plans (null) where I just posted the same answer and how to solve it.

I’ve had several other people with a similar question just last week.

And I tried to get a user of mine to give me his username, and it took literally 4 or 5 attempts for them to understand that the big thing under Personal Info that looks a lot like a username isn’t actually the username but a display name instead.

@eransharv I think this is a UI issue that really needs fixed ASAP.
Perhaps you can do something like:

Display name: JohnDoe123
Username: j.doe123

Let me check it and update. If needed of course we will fix it ASAP.


Hey Bl0n,

You tried to help me for this same problem, but I’ve been asked to raise this ticket also.

Here’s the username in the other screen:

You’ll see it’s listed as the same name. Also, I checked through the logs, and it’s the same there too.

The right user name is “jonikalus” and looks like he’s an active subscriber

Can you please ask the user to logout and login again (and check the Subscriptions tab)?

Hey Itay,

I provided the same info in my first message and said he’d tried logging out and back in again. It doesn’t change anything.

To add some more context, as this has been discussed in several chats across Slack and Discord, @LEOkonami had a look in the Xsolla dashboard where he found the user had cancelled the sub, which was known, however I have set the users subscription to active in the Overwolf dev console since.

I expect the Overwolf client to show Jonikalus has a subscription and report back as such in the API. Both parts are within Overwolfs control (it’s nothing to do with my app at this point) and this is happening to a 3rd party so I’m struggling to give you any more info that might be useful.

How does the client determine if a user has a subscription or not? Could be it be that the Overwolf code is finding the cancelled subscription on Xsolla and ignoring the value set in the dev console? If this is the behaviour, I would need it changed so that dev console is the source of truth.


We’ll contact this user and try to figure out what is the problem

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Hi @artdevgame,

The subscription has be reactivated on Xsolla and should work properly.
Could you please check it on your/the user’s side?

Hi @dana.feld

Thanks, I’m waiting for him to come back and tell me if everything is working as expected. But I have a complaint. He has been charged again, and he didn’t even realise his card details were still being stored (as he previously cancelled)

This is not cool. He shouldn’t have been charged, it wasn’t a wish of mine. I want him to have a free subscription. How can this be resolved?

Hi @dana.feld

I have since heard from Jonikalus. He still does not have the subscription, which makes being charged unexpectedly even worse. This needs resolving with some urgency as the state he is left in is unacceptable.

hey, can you please send us this user’s OW log folder?

Jonikalus should see a refund in his PayPal account for the wrongful charge.

In order to have the subscription active on Xsolla’s side free of charge, Jonikalus’s PayPal account was removed entirely, so it should be working as intended.

@itayG is currently checking why the subscription is not available to him.

@dana.feld @itayG Thanks for sorting. I’ll get in touch with the user and get back to you when I know more / have logs.

Update - I manually changed his status to active + changed the exp. date to Dec 31 2020

@itayG It seems the issue was that the user had an extra space in the username (dev console)
@omerschapiro Can you add an option to verify there isn’t a space in the username? So devs can make this error again?

So did we add the correct name now?

I just want to add a comment here because the subscription wasn’t created via the dev console originally. It was created as a result from the user paying for a subscription and the setup process that Overwolf has automated.

I think this is an important distinction @LEOkonami because you’re saying that it was an error on my part, when it isn’t - I had nothing to do with the original subscription creation (I didn’t type the username in anywhere, I’ve only ever tweaked the “Expiration Date” and “State”)

There must be a bug in some code somewhere on Overwolf side that allowed trailing spaces to enter into the system.

ok, noted :+1: We still need to make sure there can’t be any extra spaces in the users’ name.

@LEOkonami @itayG
resolved in the console

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Generally i checked you can add any invalid manually as subscriber. The console doesnt check it when adding nor telling you the user doesnt exist.

As the username is “hidden”, sometime is hard to get the right username from users (i add manually Influencers and Testers)

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