Using firebase on OW apps

Hello, I’m trying to send messages to OW app using firebase, but firebase not working because the app during development is using http and it needs https, any way to resolve this ?

Can you try to use protocol_override and see if that works?

I tried using this link but could not find the domain that I should use. I also noticed that the notification object is not working (not defined) on the typescript code and am receiving the error message: “This browser doesn’t support the API’s required to use the Firebase SDK”.
Thank you for helping out.

It sounds like it is refusing to work because it is not running as https in that case. I’ll check with the team what should be done in that case and get back to you here.

Okay, thank you

Alright, so after running a few more tests, and reading up on any similar issue I could find, here’s what is most likely happening:

  • Firebase, or more specifically, the firebase notifications api (i assume that’s what you’re trying to run), performs a certain series of checks to ensure that it is running in an environment that it supports. One of those checks does in fact check that it is running in an https protocol, which, depending on whether or not it checks for document.URL or location.protocol, would be either https: or overwolf-extension: respectively.
  • Either the aforementioned check fails, or another check is potentially failing (there is a certain flag for the underlying CEF regarding enabling notifications, that firebase seems to rely on at least in some cases).

As a result of all of that, you get the error, and it won’t start.

My recommendation from here is to try and see if there is any way you can get the same functionality/similar enough functionality using a different api, either a firebase one or something else, with minimal friction.

In the meantime we will be looking into this further, if for the sake of documenting if nothing else. However, that might take longer, and even longer so if it requires any significant changes on the platform’s side in order to support this, so it might be preferrable to try and move ahead with development without that.

Hello, ok clear.
Thank you for your help

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