Using the thumbnailPath from overwolf event recordings as background url results in broken url

Issue Description:

This is how the path is supposed to end up in the html/css

But to archieve that, we need to replace the backslashes in the path

Otherwise, if using the path directly as backgroundImage url, this will be added to teh DOM:

Impact for my app: [mid]
It’s pretty annoying to have to change the path to make it work, but nothing out of the world.
Regardless, I think this should be more consistent with the other usages of paths, especially because it works out of the box for image and video sources for example.

@Colorfulstan sorry for the late response. Can you tell me which function call generated this path?

I need to check, but Iirc it is the thumbnailPath from the media events you get from onHighlightCaptured / manual capture

I use them because it’s the common property for that between manual capturing (needed for tft) and auto highlights

@Colorfulstan this is an example callback from

    "media_url":"overwolf://media/replays/Game+Summary/League+of+Legends/League+of+Legends_17-12-2019_10-51-31-222/League+of+Legends+12-17-2019+10-56-36-455.mp4","media_path":"C:\\Users\\Er\\Videos\\Overwolf\\Game Summary\\League of Legends\\League of Legends_17-12-2019_10-51-31-222\\League of Legends 12-17-2019 10-56-36-455.mp4",
    "media_path_encoded":"file:///C:/Users/Er/Videos/Overwolf/Game Summary/League of Legends/League of Legends_17-12-2019_10-51-31-222/League of Legends 12-17-2019 10-56-36-455.mp4",
    "thumbnail_url":"overwolf://media/thumbnails/Game+Summary/League+of+Legends/League+of+Legends_17-12-2019_10-51-31-222/League+of+Legends+12-17-2019+10-56-36-455.mp4","thumbnail_path":"C:\\Users\\Er\\Videos\\Overwolf\\Game Summary\\League of Legends\\League of Legends_17-12-2019_10-51-31-222\\Thumbnails\\League of Legends 12-17-2019 10-56-36-455.jpg",
    "thumbnail_encoded_path":"file:///C:/Users/Er/Videos/Overwolf/Game Summary/League of Legends/League of Legends_17-12-2019_10-51-31-222/Thumbnails/League of Legends 12-17-2019 10-56-36-455.jpg",

As you can see all the file paths return with escape characters.and in different formats. In order to use them in different ways, sometimes you will have to do some customizations.
Anyway, I will open this subject to our R&D. We might add some future enhancements to our API. But it might take time. I

@Colorfulstan, with your permission, i’m closing the ticket. feel free to comment.