Valorant - GEP/Overwolf API Stopped mid game (resetFPS)

A user reported that the recording of the match was saved correctly but he cannot see it in our app

from what I understood from his logs, our app shutdown abruptly & logs were cut.
I found a correlation to something called resetFPS and fps freeze which led to a “clean shutdown” of overwolf

even if you solve this issue, I would like to be able to respond to such cases from our app.
my proposal is: if an error is fatal and forces OW to shutdown, I would like to be able to “clean shutdown”, or at least notify my user that something went wrong.

Logs: (529.4 KB)

Impact: low

Any update?
it’s been a month now

Hi. After internally discussed it with the R&D team, we might add this feature in the future, but currently, it’s in a low priority, as it’s a rare scenario with a little impact on users.


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