[Valorant] Leave Match doesn't trigger match_end

How often does it reproduce? 100%

Steps to reproduce:

  1. open Valorant
  2. start any mode that has leave match (see list below)
  3. play around in practice mode (match_start triggers)
  4. click on Leave Match button in the game’s menu
  5. BUG: no match_end was triggered

modes with leave match option unlocked:

  1. Custom Game
  2. Practice

Workaround? None that I can see

Severity: High (users cannot prefrom our UX between matches)

Logs: OverwolfLogs_2020-08-03_12-09-00.zip (309.0 KB)

Leaving training / custom matches does not trigger the “match_end” event - known behavior, low priority for us since most of the users play the standard modes as far as we know.

A possible workaround is detecting this “match end” by using the “scene” info-update, you’ll get “init” / “mainMenu” values once these modes end:

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oh cool, we’ll try to implement a solution based on that said scene: "init" event :slight_smile:

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