[Valorant] Match id related to Riot

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App: Insights Capture

  • Feature Description:
    We want to build a stats page for the valorant match you just played and recorded using Riot’s API so that we can show more in-depth game stats such as abilityCasts, ultimateCasts etc.

  • impact for my app: [low, mid, high, show-stopper].

  • What is your current pain point?
    The lack of events that Riot provides compared to the ones that Overwolf provides.

  • What do you have in mind to solve it?
    We’d have to resort to just KDA events that are provided by Overwolf.


OW API gives you real-time game event data, while RIOT’s API gives you the data after the match ends.
Anyway, if you are missing some specific Valorant events in OW API, please create a detailed list of all the missing events, and we will see how we can help.


Hi @eransharv,

The stats we want to show are the stats after the match ends so having the Riot’s match id would be nice.
Overwolf provides Riot match id for league so we were able to create a stats section on our app for league.

We were wanting to do the same for Valorant.

The list of game evnets we need are:

  • Each player data
  • Abilities/Ult used
  • How round ended (Diffused, bomb explodes, attackers/defenders dead, time runs out) → This can be included in the round_report game event that Overwolf currently provides
  • Econ rating
  • Damage Taken
  • Per Round K/D/A from both teams

Hey @jkorean,

Can you please give me a prioritized list? from the most important feature that is show stopper/ must have to features that are nice to have.

I can’t promise that we will implement any of these, but I can ensure you that we will discuss that internally.


Okay, I will list them. However, is it not possible to get the Riot matchId for Valorant like how Overwolf’s currently doing for League? We aren’t trying to create real-time stats, but more of a summary after the game. If we just got the Valorant matchId from Overwolf, we wouldn’t need all the specific game events.

List of events:

  1. How round ended (Diffused, bomb explodes, attackers/defenders dead, time runs out)
  2. Per Player KDA, Damage, Damage Taken
  3. Score
  4. Economy
  5. Ability

Hey @jkorean,

We can consider pushing the match ID FR to our backlog. Still, it will not be in high priority because currently, there is a workaround - you can use the match info roster event, which gives you the Player Name and the Player ID, which is unique and allows you to identify your friends.

Example for the roster output:

{"info":{"match_info":{"roster_3":"{"name":"Sh4rgaas #EUNE","player_id":"2fb49e77-85c6-522c-a240-27c78a2f9a8f","character":"Pandemic","rank":0,"locked":false,"local":true,"teammate":true}"}},"feature":"match_info"}

Hey @eransharv,

So, the current workaround would be for us to:

  1. Fetch the puuid using the Player Name and Tag name (eg. Bob#1234)
  2. Get the match list which returns an array of matchIds
  3. Use the latest matchId to fetch the match stats

Would this be the least expensive way to retrieve the full match data in your opinion?

Hey @jkorean, as far as I understand, the answer is yes.


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Hey @eransharv,

We tried the workaround, but the problem is the users can turn on streamer mode which allows players to hide their gameNames from non-party members so that other players will only see the names of the agent they’re playing in the game settings.

OW API gave me

RIOT API gave me

Do you have a workaround for this?