[Valorant] The teammate indicator does not work in the scoreboard event in some cases

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Issue description:
The teammate indicator does not work in this event if there are two players with the same nickname in both teams:

{"info":{"match_info":{"scoreboard_8":"{\"name\":\"Harbor #\",\"character\":\"Mage\",\"teammate\":true,\"alive\":true,\"kills\":0,\"deaths\":0,\"assists\":0,\"money\":0,\"is_local\":false}"}},"feature":"match_info"}
{"info":{"match_info":{"scoreboard_6":"{\"name\":\"Harbor #\",\"character\":\"Mage\",\"teammate\":true,\"alive\":true,\"kills\":0,\"deaths\":0,\"assists\":0,\"money\":0,\"is_local\":false}"}},"feature":"match_info"}

There was one Harbor in my team and one Harbor in the opposing team, their real nicknames are hidden so agent names are shown instead. The scoreboard event was fired for both players (scoreboard_8 and scoreboard_6). However, both events say both players are my teammates.

Can you reproduce it:
Join a match where two players have the same nickname in both teams.

Impact for my app: high.

Do you currently have a workaround?

You can see the examples after 2022-10-27 17:14:23,901, search for “Harbor”.

OverwolfLogs_2022-10-27_17-37-54.zip (3.1 MB)

Hey @surgeon, thanks for the feedback, we will look into this and update you here.

There’s also another issue. If you hide your nickname by changing your game settings, the scoreboard event returns is_local: false for a local player:

{"info":{"match_info":{"scoreboard_0":"{\"name\":\"Me #\",\"character\":\"Thorne\",\"teammate\":true,\"alive\":false,\"kills\":0,\"deaths\":0,\"assists\":0,\"money\":0,\"is_local\":false}"}},"feature":"match_info"}

Hello @surgeon, both of these issues are resolved in GEP versio 216.1.0.
We’ve also added player_id to the scoreboard :slight_smile:

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