Video capturing for highlights


I am trying to implement video capturing for highlights or for important events like kill, killed, etc.

This is the piece of code I am trying,

function startMediaCapture(callback) {
let streamSetting = {
“video”: {
“sub_folder_name”: ‘ebounty’,
“buffer_length”: 30000,
“override_overwolf_setting” : false,
“fps” :30,
“width” :1920,
“height” : 1080
    "settings": streamSetting,
    "highlights": {
        "enable" : true, //set false if you want to record the highligths manually
        "requiredHighlights" : ["kill","death","killer","killed","victory"] //an interesting evenst that happened in game
}, callback);'Video', 10000, 30000, captureFinishedCallback, callback)


I didn’t get any errors in the console. But there are no videos saved in my machine.

Or What is the exact method to store important events highlights video on my system?

Thanks in advance.

Ullas Augustine

From the code, it might be that capture is called before turnOn completes.
Could you check that the “callback” passed to turnOn is called before you call capture?



Thanks for your support.

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